The Japanese Art Festival is proud to announce the appearance of Japanese doll dress designer MOMOLITA at the July event. MOMOLITA is going to show doll dresses from her books and well known Japanese doll magazines.

The dolls that will be appearing in MOMOLITA clothes are Blythe doll, Licca doll, Jenny doll, Momoko doll, Pullip doll, etc.

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Zero Goods Universe : Leiji Matsumoto

We are proud to announce that ZERO GOODS UNIVERSE from Japan will be appearing at the next Japanese Art Festival.

Zero Goods Universe are responsible for producing a range of items based on the work of famed Anime and Manga creator Leiji Matsumoto (Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Harlock).

Zero Goods will be showing samples of Matsumoto’s artwork including the trailer for his new movie Space Pirate Captain Herlock. A range of dolls, accessories, watches, books, cards etc. will also be available.